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Advertising Trial


You’ve probably noticed the block of Google ads just below here, its something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, and the redesign is the perfect time. Don’t worry though as I plan on only showing the google ads to vistors who reach my site from Google search, regular visitors won’t see them.



Science is pretty much theory. It’s a miracle that anything works.


Apparently I have been very busy


Yes, not only have I found time to launch my redesign, I’m apparently causing large amounts of chaos in other parts of the world. I was sent this list of news headlines by either my Mum or my Brother…I don’t know which since they both use the same email address.

  • Category 4 Dean slams Jamaica
  • Shuttle coming home day early as Dean nears
  • Curfew As ‘Monster’ Dean Hits Jamaica
  • Endeavour undocks ISS amid Dean fears
  • Texans brace for Dean’s arrival
  • Texans Take Precautions As Dean Nears
  • Tourists flee Cancun as Mexico declares hurricane watch for Dean
  • ‘Dean’ puts events on hold
  • Preparing for Dean…Texas evacuations…Flood rescues in Oklahoma …
  • Dean heads for Jamaica…Shuttle heading home…
  • Dean blows toward Jamaica…Mine safety questioned..Deadly heat …
  • DEAN’S COMING! Jamaica braces for hurricane hit
  • Dean to gain strength…Miners’ families angry…Jet bursts into …
  • Jamaica socked by Dean…Bleak outlook for miners…Carbon …
  • Dean sparks panic buying
  • Heavy rains in Chicago as Dean approaches NE Mexico
  • Storm Chasers in Training Watch Dean
  • Red Cross Crews Prepare for Dean
  • Local groups to bring supplies, hope to Dean victims
  • Dean, please, life is rough
  • State scales back Dean monitoring efforts
  • Louisiana residents, officials keep watch on Dean
  • Local Jamaicans Watch, Wait & Worry About Dean
  • Leader warns to ‘brace for direct hit’ from Dean
  • Red Cross volunteers ready to help if Dean strikes
  • Dean heading for Jamaica, Cayman Islands
  • Barbour, Emergency Response Officials Readying For Dean, Just In Case
  • Mississippi residents urged to prepare for Dean
  • From San Diego To help With Dean

Oh noes! I haz been causing chaos. I iz sorry


Changes for sidenotes


No my existing sidenotes haven’t disappeared, they have just been re-filed under different categories. From now on sidenotes will be just that, notes, not mini posts. I’ve also got a couple of other tricks up sleeve, which I’ll reveal later.


Hey Presto!


Ok, so that didn’t go anywhere as bad as I thought it might.

So, everything is different isn’t it. New colours, new layout, new plugins, pretty much everything is new in some way. I was expecting bad things to happen when I changed over to this new theme, but quite amazingly most of it seems ok.

There are still several things that I haven’t quite finished, or will need to tweak now that the theme is live, but thats the fun part. I’m just glad that after about 4 months I can finally show this to the world.

I won’t go into detail about some of the changes and improvements I’ve made, I’ll save that for a bit later, for now I’ll leave it to you to look through the posts and pages and see for yourself.

Now I want to know what you all think, what you like, what you don’t (hopefully not too much in this column). I’m open to suggestions, so suggest away, keep in mind though that I’m now in “live redesign” mode, so things will keep changing around for a little while longer, but then again a good design is never finished…is it?


A change is a brewing


Followers of my twitter status may have noticed that I (finally) upgraded my Wordpress install earlier tonight, why? Well apart from the fact that I probably should have done it a while ago, it is an important step in my redesign process. Ok, maybe not super important but its best if my ‘live’ blog matches my ‘development’ blog.

You will probably also notice a bunch of things seem to have disappeared, don’t worry most of them will be returning soon. Tags are gone, as is the big cloud of all tags that was in the sidebar, the reason for this is I’ve switched from Ultimate Tag Warrior to Simple Tagging and as yet Redoable doesn’t have support for Simple Tagging built in. I’m really liking the features in Simple Tagging, and I’ll probably knock together a post soon to talk abit about why I changed.

Also gone are the category cloud, latest comments, live archives, noteworthy, related posts, recent links. Yes I know that seems like a lot of important things that have just been shuffled to the side, but all will be good in a couple of days (fingers crossed).

Why am I doing all this, well… I’ve been working on my redesign for about four months (time got away…) and I think its ready for me to move from development to what Ben Gray calls “live redesign“. In other words my redesign is not complete, its very close, and the best way to work out what I haven’t done is to shove it out and see what does and doesn’t work. Sounds stupid doesn’t it…

So there you have it I’ve cleared out some plugins (some which I didn’t even know I was using) and made some changes behind the scenes in preparation for a planned launch (or at least the beginning of one) tomorrow. Stay tuned, the fun begins in a few hours. (For the impatient few you can sneak a peak at some bits of my redesign on flickr.)