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Ultimate Category Cloud 3.0


Ultimate Category Cloud 3.0

Finally, I found found the time to do some much needed work on some of my plugins. the first to receive an update is Ultimate Category Cloud (UCC) which now moves to version 3 and is fully Wordpress 2.3 compatible among other things.


  • Now WP2.3 compatible, thanks to Mephisto, Jason Ellis and Jan Weinschenker for their suggestions.
  • Now displays weight and coloured categories as default behaviour
  • Default ‘largest’ size is now 200% not 250%
  • Removed the get_all_cats function, it is no longer needed
  • New function for better conversion of hex colours to decimal values
  • Font size weight should now more accurately reflect the largest and smallest font sizes that you specify
  • Reworked weighted colouring, now only requires you to specify one colour.

Installation and Usage

To install UCC simply download the zip file below, extract the contents and upload to the wp-content/plugins directory on your server.

The display a ‘cloud’ on your site simply modify your theme to insert one of these snippets of code where you would like the ‘cloud’ to appear.

Default Weighted and Colored

<?php weighted_categories(); ?>

Weighted but not Colored

<?php weighted_categories(1,0); ?>

Colored but not Weighted

<?php weighted_categories(0,1); ?>

Neither Weighted nor Colored

<?php weighted_categories(0,0); ?>

To choose your own color add the third parameter

<?php weighted_categories(1,1,$basecolor="#ff0000"); ?>

Advanced usage

You can also specify how large or how small the weighted text should appear, if needed you can also exclude specific categories from the cloud, and by changing the $method option to ‘0′ you can reverse the coloring of the categories (ie. the lightest becomes the darkest and vice versa
<?php weighted_categories($weighted=1, $colored=1, $basecolor="#CCCCCC", $smallest=70, $largest=200, $unit="%", $exclude='', $method=1); ?>


Lost Season 4 - I can’t wait


In a break from the norm this post has nothing to do with wordpress, twitter, html, php design or any of that. Whats more I’ve even included a youtube video. Why? Because the first ‘teaser’ trailer for season 4 of Lost was cool, but the new longer trailer is even better, I can’t wait until January 31st.

I’ve already watched a couple of times, but no doubt I’ll be watching it several times more looking for something, anything, that might be hidden in it. On a related matter, my urge for Lost got the better of me and I’ve started rewatching from the start of season 1. I’ve setup a separate blog (instead of cluttering this one even further) where I’ll note down ‘points of interest’ as I work my through the first three seasons (hopefully I can get through them all before Jan 31st), and I’ll also post some theories. If you want to check it out (and why wouldn’t you) just jump over to and have a read (no comments setup yet, I’ll try and get that done soon Actually looks like the comments are there, just not styled…yet). Be warned though if you don’t want any spoilers what so ever, even they are most likely not even true, you probably won’t want to read. There you have been warned.


2008 HRT Toll Livery Concept


With Garth Tander moving across from the Toll HSV Dealer Team there are rumours suggesting that Toll might go with him to HRT. Personally I don’t really know how likely it is, but then again who would have thought that the 2007 Champion would change teams either. Anyway, after many (not so great) attempts I’ve ‘finished’ a Toll HRT livery, I’m not sure whether I’m happy with it or not, its certainly a bit different, don’t know if thats a good thing or a bad thing.

2008 HRT Toll Livery Concept

UPDATE 29/12: So I had another go at a HRT/Toll livery last night, and came up with this, I think I like this one a little more, even if its not exactly what I was aiming for.

2008 HRT Toll Livery Concept 2

UPDATE 14/1: And another….

2008 HRT Livery Concept 3

UPDATE 18/1: One more…

2008 HRT Livery Concept 4

UPDATE 18/1: A little bit retro, because I just can’t help myself…

2008 HRT Livery Concept 5

2008 HRT Livery Concept 6


2008 BJR Bigpond Livery Concept


So it’s that time of year again, when the V8 Supercar silly season swings into gear and I get out Illustrator and start playing around with some designs. First off this year is a concept for Brad Jones Racing who, if all the whispering is to be believed, will be switching from Ford to Holden for 2008, and some rumours also mention a change of sponsorship from BOC to Bigpond.

2008 BJR Bigpond Livery Concept