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Redoable 1.2 - Here now!


Redoable 1.2 - Here now!

The loooong wait is over. Redoable 1.2 is here! I know there have been many people who have been hanging out desperate for this for quite a while. Sorry I hadn’t got it out earlier, but I had a long list of things that I wanted to fix and include before I released it.

Again thanks to everyone who is participating through comments and on the support forum. Without you many of the little bugs would go un-noticed, and therefore unfixed. As always if you find something that you think might be a bug let me know.

Redoable 1.2 isn’t all about bug fixes (mind you they took up the most time), I’ve added a couple of extra features and fixed up a couple of others.

Download Redoable 1.2 Now!
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For further details about Redoable visit the Redoable homepage

Now with 16 colour schemes to choose from!
Have a look at all the combinations here.

Keep reading for further details of the new features, bug fixes and plugin support that have been included in Redoable 1.2.

Many hours of work have gone in Redoable, not to mention the time I spend answering support requests and general bug questions. If you really like Redoable and are feeling generous, then please donate to help with the future development of Redoable, and future projects.

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Who uses the listen and watch modules?


I currently working trying to fix a bunch of the bugs that have been reported over the last month, and while I’m at it I’ve been adding a few little features here and there to incorporate thing people have requested recently. Thing like the FireFox banner that appears when viewed in IE will now be an option.

I have alos been considering what things I could potentially remove/reduce. I want to try and make Redoable load a bit faster, which is hard because of all the javascript and such that has to be loaded initially, but I’m working on it. I also notice that alot of people are just using the default sidebar, which is great except it doesn’t appear to alwasy work as I expected.

For instance I included two modules, ‘listen’ and ‘watch’, with the intention that I’d use them to highlight music and tv/movies I was recently enjoying. But as yet I haven’t used them at all, and I can’t say that any of the ‘Redoable powered’ site I’ve visited have been using them either.

So I will most likely be removing them from the default sidebar for Redoable 1.2, they will remain available to be used as sidebar modules however, so all is not lost.

Also now is the time to give me a reminder about that bug you reported, and want fixed, or that feature you want added, or that plugin you would like supported. Just leave a comment to make sure I don’t miss it. You’ve probably got about a week to make final requests for Redoable 1.2.


Redoable 1.1 is here!


Redoable 1.2 has just been released. Head to the Redoable homepage to find out whats new and to make sure you download the latest copy. enjoy.

Drum roll please Mr. Music, Redoable 1.1 is here! Ok, there a few reasons why it was delayed longer than first anticipated. The main reason was that I decided to hold off until Wordpress 2.1 had been released so that I could make sure that it was compatible. In the last week I’ve spent a fair amount of time checking that everything works ok in both 2.0.x and 2.1. If you come across anything that you think isn’t working correclty just let me know.

The other major reasons were the number of bug fixes and new features that have been included in this release. Some of the new features include Livesearch now works, choice of two different single post layouts, and a preview of the dynamic style feature which allows you to change between dark and light colour schemes from the admin area.

On top of the extra features, support has also been added for several new plugins. More details about the features of Redoable 1.1 are included below. Also included is some information about upgrading and/or installing Redoable on your blog. If you’re ready to go you can download Redoable 1.1 now.

Download Redoable 1.1 Now!
Downloaded 11178 times

Redoable 1.2 has just been released. Head to the Redoable homepage to find out whats new and to make sure you download the latest copy. enjoy.

For further details about Redoable visit the Redoable homepage

Keep reading for further details of the new features, bug fixes and plugin support that have been included in Redoable 1.1.

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Support forum is online


I’ve just finished setting up some simple support forums for Redoable 1.0 as well as for my two plugins, Rechuked Buttons 1.0 and Ultimate Cloud Category 1.0-beta. So if you have any questions about these be sure to use the new support forums. If you find a bug, let me know. If you want to see an extra feature, let me know. If you’d like you’re favourite plugin to be supported, let me know. I’m open to suggestions, comments, and even constructive criticism.

Goto the Support forums

The Redoable Support Forums are powered by Vanilla 1.0.3, which is a relatively new open source, standards compliant discussion forum. It takes a slightly different approach to the more widely used vBulletin and phpbb forums, but it perfect for a small scale application like my support forums. Well worth a look.


New features coming


Just to keep things interesting version 1.1 of Redoable is already well underway. Truth is there were some things that I didn’t get a chance to finish before the original launch, like fixing LiveSearch for example. There have also been a few small bugs, mostly small css related issues, and some plugin support issues.

So in the near future, (I’m not specifying a date just yet) Redoable 1.1 will be available, below is just a selection of the changes and additions it will include:

  • LiveSearch, with option to show results in page body or in sidebar.
  • Several small CSS changes to fix positioning and display bugs.
  • Dynamic StyleSheet, gives you the ability to change the colour scheme of Redoable from within the admin area. This will probably be a beta feature, just a tease for the future.
  • Support for more plugins, including iMP-Download Manager and Spam Karma 2.
  • Choice between two different ’single post’ layouts.

So if you have any plugins that you would like to see supported, any features you would like to see or and bugs that need to be fixed, now is the time to let me know.


Redoable 1.0 Theme for Wordpress


Redoable 1.2 has just been released. Head to the Redoable homepage to find out whats new and to make sure you download the latest copy. enjoy.

Three weeks of work and my first Wordpress theme is ready to be released. It is primarily based on the popular K2 for Wordpress, Unwakeable by Tyler Longren and inspired by many, many other Wordpress blogs out there. My goal was to produce a theme that had everything that I wanted in it, Unwakeable was close which is why I chose to use it as my starting point.

Redoable 1.0 Released

I have incorporated a host of changes/improvements, adding functionality, different structure and support for even more plugins without the need for further template modification. Some of the changes/improvements I have made include:

  • All-new blog layout and styles.
  • Two-column design with a sidebar that is Sidebar Module/Widget ready.
  • Optional Sidenotes on the homepage.
  • Optional sidebar modules to display favourite music, movies etc.
  • Support for a dozen plugins without the need to modify any files.
  • and more…

So what does this theme look like in action…well you are looking at it right now. Everything you see in the sidebar is included in the sidebar by default, all you need to do is install and activate the relevant plugins, and set a couple of options in the admin panel.

There is a complete list of tested and supported plugins on the Redoable homepage. There are also download links for each so that you can get them if you don’t already have them installed. I have also modified a couple of the plugins to suit Redoable, these modified plugins are also available.

Visit the Redoable homepage for more information.

Redoable 1.2 has just been released. Head to the Redoable homepage to find out whats new and to make sure you download the latest copy. enjoy.

Download Redoable 1.0 Now!
Downloaded 7659 times


Redoable is getting very very close


It will be available before the new year arrives, as long as nothing major goes wrong. I have a few little bits and pieces to finish off here and there, mainly thing that were only evident once I had uploaded it to my test blog.

There is also the small matter of IE6 compatibility. This is still a work in progress, and while the content is still viewable in IE6 the way that it renders the CSS is not so flash. I will try and sort some of these issues out, one of which is png transparency, before I release it…but I can’t make any promises just yet. It will be fully IE6 compatible eventually, works great in Firefox and Safari though…


Redoable is almost here


Over the past couple of days I’ve been working hard to get my first Wordpress Theme ready for release. I tinkered (very briefly) with the idea of building a theme form the ground up, but abandoned that path very quickly after realising how much work was involved. I figured it was easier to start with a theme that was close to what I wanted, and then go crazy customising it from there.

As the base for my theme, which I have called Redoable, I used a combination of ideas from other theme that I liked. The most important one was Unwakeable, which is was I used as a base for Redoable. Unwakeable itself is described as being a combination of the current K2 build and Unsleepable.

The build up of Redoable has also included the integration of many plugins, some of which were already enabled in Unwakeable and K2, and other which weren’t. A full list of compatible plugins will be released with the theme. The integration of some extra plugins is all that is left for me to do (I think) before I can release Redoable.

So keep an eye out, sometime between now and 2007, Redoable will go live on this site, and will also be available for download.