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Three little icons



I needed a break from my assignments, so I thought I’d fix up the little things I wasn’t happy about with my Twitt-Twoo icon.

With a redesign in the works I thought I’d slap together a couple of other icons that I might use in the new site.

The middle one is a flickr icon that I’ll probably use to link to my flickr feed, and the third one is just a bit of fun to see what my new logo looks like in ‘feed icon’ form.

The icons were created from Matt Brett’s original source files from


Twitt-Twoo icon


Twitt-Twoo Icon

So I’ve spent all weekend working away on my latest offering to the Wordpress community. Twitt-Twoo is a plugin that will allow you to update your Twitter status right from your sidebar, it also provides a link to your Twitter ‘home page’, a link to the RSS feed of your Twitters.

You can add it to your sidebar manually, or using the sidebar widget, and if you’re a Redoable user there will also be a sidebar module. It also comes with a shiny little icon.

Twitt-Twoo will be available once final testing is complete.




Me as a Simpson