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Feeling creative


I was playing around with some Photoshop brushes tonight, and ended up putting together this desktop wallpaper. Its 1280×1024 so it should work more most regular desktop resolutions.

I’ll also put together a widescreen version, mainly because I want to use it on my laptop, but also so I can share it with the world.

The design has some elements that I really like, and I’ll be trying to incorporate them into my redesign if possible. Hopefully I’ll also produce a few more things like this that I’ll make availalbe through the revised downloads area (which will be in the redesign).

New desktop

New desktop, originally uploaded by deanjrobinson


I iz on top if it


I iz on top of teh problem

Yes, I’ve joined the latest craze/fad that is lolcats. This is the first one I’ve come up with, and there will probably be more. I’ll put them all in my flickr, tagged with lolcat.





iNinja, originally uploaded by deanjrobinson.

Playing around in Illustrator, came up with this parody of an iPod ad. Why? Because Ninjas AND iPods are cool.


Something new


Something new

Something new, originally uploaded by deanjrobinson.

Viva the revolution, I’ve finally joined Flickr! And to celebrate this mediocre moment in my online life, I’m going to share a screenshot of something that I’ve been working on in between work, uni, Twitt-Twoo and Redoable.

Yes, this could very well the first look at where I’m taking this site over the next couple of months. Since Redoable kind of exceeded even my wildest dreams with the number of downloads that its had in the past 4-ish months. Its just passed 12,000 overall and is nearing 10,000 for version 1.1 alone. Wow.

But, this means that my blog is no longer unique, and as much as I love Redoable, I’m most likely going to switch to something that will be unique to my site. And this is just the first glimpse of the forthcoming unique-ifying.

Don’t worry Redoable fans, version 1.2 is still coming. You just can’t rush these things.