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Pink for October


As you will probably notice I’ve gone pink. I first heard about ‘Pink for October’ through Chris J. Davis, and after reading through the ‘Pink for October’ website I decided that I’d join in too. ‘Pink for October’ was started to bring attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For more information about ‘Pink for October’ you can check out their website.


Is a native app necessary?


Maybe I’m biased (very likely) but I don’t necessarily see the point of a native Twitter app for the iPhone. As cool as it may be, I don’t really see the point when you will still need to access the web to use it anyway, so really isn’t a web app sufficient? On a completely related, and biased, topic the Hahlo 2.0 beta is now open.


Advertising Trial


You’ve probably noticed the block of Google ads just below here, its something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, and the redesign is the perfect time. Don’t worry though as I plan on only showing the google ads to vistors who reach my site from Google search, regular visitors won’t see them.



Science is pretty much theory. It’s a miracle that anything works.


Changes for sidenotes


No my existing sidenotes haven’t disappeared, they have just been re-filed under different categories. From now on sidenotes will be just that, notes, not mini posts. I’ve also got a couple of other tricks up sleeve, which I’ll reveal later.